01 Dec 2002

Enhancing the Effectiveness of the EU’s Foreign and Defence Policies

Anand Menon

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The following report discusses ways of enhancing the EU’s effectiveness and impact as an international actor in the light of debates currently taking place within the Convention. Its central recommendations can be briefly summarised:
1. Clarify and discard the more extreme variants of arguments pressing for a significant EU military capability.
2. Create a Commissioner for External Affairs to whom other Commissioners responsible for discreet aspects of this portfolio would report.
3. Recreate the Political Committee, composed of Political Directors.
4. Create a Council of Defence Ministers.
5. Reinforce the role of the High Representative in several ways: increase the financial resources at his/her disposal; allow him/her to chair the COPS.
6. Create an EU Security Council comprising the HR, the Secretary General of t the Council, the Commissioner for External Relations, the Presidency (in order to ensure coherence with EU internal action), the chief of the EU military staff and senior representatives from the troika.