06 Dec 2011

Education Policy and Welfare Regimes in OECD Countries

Social Stratification and Equal Opportunity in Education

Miroslav Beblavy / Anna-Elisabeth Thum / Marcela Veselkova


This Working Document looks at which OECD countries deliberately attempt to reproduce social stratification through educational policies, and which countries put greater emphasis on intervening in the stratification process.

The research findings challenge a one-policy-fits-all approach that advocates education policy reforms designed to increase equal opportunities in education. The authors argue that the context of each country needs to be considered before the implementation of such policies.

The authors of the study are: Miroslav Beblavý, Comenius University, Slovakia and CEPS; Anna-Elisabeth Thum, CEPS; Marcela Veselkova, Slovak Governance Institute, Bratislava. This paper was prepared within the FP7-funded project NEUJOBS www.neujobs.eu