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ECRI Statistical Package 2019

by Roberto Musmeci / Roshan Iyer
08 November 2019

ECRI Statistical Package 2019

Roberto Musmeci / Roshan Iyer

The ECRI Statistical Package provides a comprehensive overview of the trends and composition of the lending to non-financial corporations and households. It covers 45 countries including the EU Member States, EU candidates and EFTA countries as well as the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, Russia, Mexico and Saudi Arabia.
The package provides nominal and real data on major time series such as outstanding consumer credit, loans for house purchase, other loans to households, loans to non-financial corporations and national accounts. It also provides the breakdowns of the various credit statistics by maturity and currency.
Please click here for the table of contents.

The ECRI statistical package can be purchased in the following forms:

  • A comprehensive package focusing on Lending to Households and Non-Financial Corporations in Europe. It includes both data and visualization graphics and tables.
    Price: 600 € (available for online purchase)
  • A targeted package on Consumer Credit in Europe. It includes both data and visualization graphics and tables.
    Price: 440 € (to purchase this version please contact Ms Beatriz Pozo beatriz.pozo@ceps.eu and +32(0) 22293987).

The ECRI Statistical Package is complementary for ECRI members.
A summary of its key findings can be found here.

For more information about the ECRI Statistical Package 2019, please contact
Ms Beatriz Pozo (beatriz.pozo@ceps.eu and +32(0) 22293987).

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ECRI Statistical Package 2019