10 Jun 2013

Does the key to a WMD-free Middle East lie in a nuclear Iran?

Steven Blockmans / Michaela Kolarova

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After the presidential elections on June 14th, the Iranian regime will continue its catch-me-if-you-can game with the international community until it has reached the nuclear threshold. Paradoxically, the key to a solution on the nuclear issue might just lie in discussions on a WMD-free Middle East, but only after Iran has obtained nuclear military capability. At that point, and in the context of a new arms race, both regional and international players may be persuaded that the Middle East has more to gain from negotiations on non-proliferation than from prolonged isolation and the prospect of intractable war.

Steven Blockmans is a CEPS Senior Research Fellow and Head of the EU Foreign Policy unit. Michaela Kolarova is an intern in the same unit.