16 Nov 2017

Digital Traceability in the Fight against Illicit Trade

Improving rules and practices

Felice Simonelli / Jeanne Metivier

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Illicit trade and counterfeiting pose an increasing economic, social and security threat to many countries and affects health, safety and trust among citizens. Consequently, businesses, policymakers, consumer protection organisations and enforcement authorities are redoubling their efforts to tackle these serious crimes.

CEPS, in cooperation with MSL Group, organised a seminar on business practices and policy developments in the fight against illicit trade. Industry experts and representatives from the EU, OECD, WCO (World Customs Organization) and national authorities shared their perspectives and policy approaches to tackling this problem, also in non-EU countries.

The main topics of discussion were:

– progress and barriers to using digital technologies to improve traceability and authentication throughout the supply and value chain;

– technical and regulatory requirements for enhancing the digitalisation of traceability and authentication;

– international initiatives to foster cooperation among stakeholders.

The design and deployment of innovative digital tools, coherent rules and internationally viable technical standards, underpinned by more effective public-private collaboration, is crucial in the battle against one of the most lucrative and least sanctioned areas of organised crime across the globe.

CEPS series: Event Report  No. of pages: 4