14 Jun 2021

Digital labour platforms in the EU

Mapping and business models

Willem Pieter De Groen / Zachary Kilhoffer / Leonie Westhoff / Doina Postica / Farzaneh Shamsfakhr

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Digitalisation is not only changing the nature of jobs, workplaces and skills development, but also the way work is allocated. Digital labour platforms (DLPs) are driving innovation in the allocation of work. Check out the latest landscape, trends, and impact on working conditions.

The report aims to improve the available data on platform work in the EU. To achieve this, it:
– identifies trends in the development of the EU digital labour platform economy in the last 5 years;
– provides an overview of the latest platform landscape in the EU27;
– assesses the working conditions of people working through platforms across different business models.


This study was prepared by CEPS authors Willem Pieter de Groen, Zachary Kilhoffer, Leonie Westhoff, Doina Postica and Farzaneh Shamsfakhr for Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion of the European Commission.