30 Nov 2012

The Contents and Timing of a European Banking Union: Reflections on the differing views

H. Onno Ruding

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Although views differ on the precise contents and timing of a genuine banking union, there is wide political agreement in principle on the need for three basic and vital elements: European bank supervision, a European deposit guarantee scheme (DGS) and a European bank resolution mechanism. In this CEPS Essay, H. Onno Ruding offers his personal views on the progress achieved to date, the outstanding issues that will prove the most difficult to resolve and recommendations on the way forward.

H. Onno Ruding is Chairman of the CEPS Board of Directors and former Minister of Finance of the Netherlands. This essay is based on a speech he gave at a workshop on the Pros and Cons of Banking Union, organised by the Duisenberg School of Finance (DSF), Amsterdam, 5 November 2012.