29 Nov 2010

Consumer Valuation of Energy Supply Security: An Analysis of Survey Results in Three EU Countries

Wan-Jung Chou / Alistair Hunt / Anil Markandya / Andrea Bigano / Roberta Pierfederici / Stephane La Branche

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This study investigates consumer valuation of the security of various types of energy supply, namely electricity, natural gas and transport fuels (oil). Research for the paper was carried out in the context of the SECURE project (Security of Energy Considering its Uncertainties, Risks and Economic Implications), funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme. The project develops appropriate tools for evaluating the vulnerability of the EU to the different energy supply risks, and for promoting the optimisation of EU energy insecurity mitigation strategies, including investment, demand side management and dialogue with producing countries.
Wan-Jung Chou and Alistair Hunt are research officers at the University of Bath. Anil Markandya is scientific director of BC3 Basque Centre for Climate Change and Professor of Economics at the University of Bath. Andrea Bigano is senior researcher and Roberta Pierfederici junior researcher at FEEM. Stephane La Branche is associate researcher at the Institute of Political Studies, Grenoble.