23 Nov 2006

Consumer Credit in Europe (1990-2005)

ECRI Statistical Package 2006

Camille Selosse


The ECRI Statistical Package is a collection of relevant statistical information on consumer credit and lending to households from 1990-2005. It covers 30 countries: the 25 EU member countries, the two acceding countries (Bulgaria and Romania), one of the candidate countries (Turkey), the US and Japan. The purpose of the ECRI Statistical Package is to provide reliable statistical information allowing for comparisons between countries. Accordingly, definitions of concepts and aggregates from national authorities are also provided. This publication contains series of nominal data on major variables, such as outstanding consumer credit, annual final consumption of the household sector and annual disposable income. Data are presented in euro and in national currencies. It includes outstanding consumer credit in real terms and the corresponding growth rates. In addition, ratios of household indebtedness are calculated and illustrated by graphs. For some countries, tables presenting the composition of consumer credit stocks by lender and by instrument are also available.