01 Nov 2005

Consumer Credit and Lending to Households in Europe, ECRI 2005 Statistical Package

Camille Selosse / Lorna Schrefler


The ECRI Statistical Package is a comprehensive collection of relevant statistical data on consumer credit and lending to households. It covers 30 countries, including all 25 EU member states, three candidate countries, the US and Japan. Published annually, this latest edition comprises updated information up to the end of 2004. The purpose of the ECRI Statistical Package is to provide reliable statistical information that can be utilised for comparisons between countries or for analysis of loan market developments in specific regions. Accordingly, special attention is given to the principles and statistical methods applied to data collection at the national level. Definitions of concepts and aggregates are provided in order to avoid confusion or misunderstanding of figures. A variety of data are compiled to allow both a macroeconomic and microeconomic outlook of consumer credit developments. The collection contains series of rough (nominal) data on major variables in consumer credit analysis, such as consumer credit stocks, private consumption and household disposable income. It spreads out a composition of loans extended by financial institutions to the private sector as well as a breakdown of loans to households by purpose. In addition, ratios of household indebtedness are calculated and illustrated by graphs.