30 Jan 2017

Composition and drivers of energy prices and costs

Case studies in selected energy-intensive industries

Andrei Marcu / Wijnand Stoefs / Katja Tuokko / Christian Egenhofer / Andrea Renda / Felice Simonelli / Fabio Genoese / Edoardo Storti / Eleanor Drabik

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Researchers at CEPS, in cooperation with researchers at Ecofys and Economisti Associati, have carried out a comprehensive examination of energy prices in selected EU industries, commissioned by DG Grow of the European Commission. The 309-page study concentrates on three sectors and two sub-sectors of the ceramics industry:

  •     Steel
  •     Aluminium (primary & downstream)
  •     Wall and floor tiles
  •     Bricks and roof tiles
  •     Refineries

For each of these five (sub-)sectors, the study provides an overview of energy price developments, with particular attention paid to i) energy price levels and ii) the structure of energy prices, i.e. the components of energy bills.

The analysis was conducted between December 2015 and June 2016, with the primary information collected between February and March 2016 via a questionnaire sent to the selected plants. The questionnaire contains (inter alia) questions on production levels, financial data and energy costs and consumption.

The study is published on the CEPS website with the kind permission of the European Commission. It can be directly accessed via the download button below  or via the European Commission’s website: http://ec.europa.eu/DocsRoom/documents/20355