07 Jul 2006

Closing a deal on Doha: Closer than we might think?

David Kernohan

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The Doha trade round has reached a critical stage, after five years of stop-start negotiations. Many are pessimistic and feel that the international mood is insufficiently engaged to bring success. Nevertheless, our CEPS Task Force on trade considers that a deal is in fact closer than some might imagine, especially if sufficient political will can be generated at the ongoing WTO negotiations in Geneva and the forthcoming G8 summit in St Petersburg. In this CEPS Policy Brief, Senior Research Fellow David Kernohan, who serves as rapporteur of the CEPS Task Force on Completing the Doha Round of WTO Negotiations, outlines the principal concessions that yet need to be made by the major players in the negotiations – the EU, the US and the more advanced developing countries – before a deal can be clinched.