20 Nov 2008

Climate Governance Post-2012, Options for EU Policy-Making


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This Policy Brief focuses on three issues that are especially important in the long-term development of the climate regime: (a) the challenge of the fragmentation of negotiations and governance systems; (b) the challenge of steering and evaluating novel types of privatised and market-based governance mechanisms; and (c) the challenge of designing architectures for global adaptation governance. These three core issues of fragmentation, privatisation and adaptation can be related to the overarching need to define the architecture of the post-2012 regime – and of any subsequent regimes that may follow a Copenhagen agreement.
This paper presents the preliminary findings of the large-scale research programme ADAM – Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies: Supporting European Climate Policy, an integrated project funded by the European Commission DG Research. More information on the ADAM project is available at www.adamproject.eu