03 Oct 2014

Cities: The Juncker Commission should not miss this key to growth, jobs and the environment

Jorge Núñez Ferrer / Christian Egenhofer

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Cities, more particularly ‘smart’ cities, could become a catalyst for economic and social development. For this to happen, Europe will need a new type of integrated infrastructure, a new urban governance and policy structure, as well as new finance and business models. Successful smart projects will eventually develop into new business models and companies. While the European Commission cannot mandate or regulate this top down, it has a role to play in nurturing new initiatives to allow Europe the possibility of developing its own Google and Apple.

Jorge Núñez Ferrer is Associate Researcher at CEPS; Christian Egenhofer is Head of Energy and Climate in CEPS.

This Commentary is one of a series prepared by senior CEPS researchers aimed at contributing to the selection and review process of the new European Commission.