09 Sep 2009


Final Policy Recommendations on the Changing Landscape of European Liberty and Security

Didier Bigo / Sergio Carrera / Elspeth Guild

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This paper presents the final policy recommendations coming out of the CHALLENGE project on the Changing Landscape of European Liberty and Security. It aims to provide a synthesis of the main policy-relevant inputs that have been presented during the five-year research project and at the same time, refining them in light of the Stockholm programme to be adopted at the conclusion of the Swedish Presidency of the EU in December. The paper first offers a synthesised overview of the most relevant policy contributions achieved by the CHALLENGE project and then moves into an overview of the specific recommendations organised by policy theme. A final section reviews those recommendations that can be considered to be more ‘general’ or ‘horizontal’ in character and that are particularly targeted towards the development of new strategies for the implementation of innovative evaluation mechanisms.

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