25 Jan 2023

Research Priorities 2023-24

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Based on rigorous quantitative and qualitative analysis, CEPS aims to make an authoritative contribution to European decision-making processes by increasing awareness about new challenges and opportunities, and providing educated insights. Revealing global trends and guided by markers on Europe’s political agenda, CEPS intends to concentrate its research activities for 2023-24 on three thematic clusters:

  • Navigating the choppy waters of geopolitics
  • A changing economic environment
  • Overcoming the EU’s internal governance issues

These research priorities follow on from those set for 2021-22 but have been accentuated by the momentous developments following Russia’s second invasion of Ukraine – an energy crisis, the return of inflation, and a spike in defence spending, to name but a few. In implementing the overarching research priorities, CEPS assumes a strong multidisciplinary approach and aims to develop synergies between ongoing initiatives and new opportunities in each of its teams. Given the high levels of uncertainty, this broad set of priorities should allow a degree of flexibility to meet new challenges.