11 Mar 2022

Carbon removals on the road to net zero

Exploring EU policy options for negative emissions

Milan Elkerbout / Julie Bryhn

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Negative emissions will be needed on an increased scale to meet the EU’s climate targets, in particular climate neutrality by 2050. This Policy Insight examines different policy options for the EU to support the deployment of negative emissions technologies. After presenting an overview of measures to support negative emissions around the world, the EU’s climate policy frameworks are reviewed from the perspective of (potentially) integrating negative emissions. This is followed by a review of specific policy measures to support negative emissions in the EU. The paper recommends a wide portfolio of policy measures over time, to account for technology differences and the changing demands of climate policy for different time horizons as climate neutrality approaches (followed by net-negative emissions thereafter).

This Policy Insight builds on a scoping paper by CEPS (Elkerbout & Bryhn, 2021) that discussed the need for negative emissions more in detail, as well as various options for negative emissions technology.