25 Jul 2013

Carbon Market Opportunities in Southern Mediterranean Countries

Noriko Fujiwara / Monica Alessi / Anton Georgiev


To date, Southern Mediterranean countries have hosted a limited number of projects under the Clean Development Mechanism. This study examines existing and emerging activities in Southern Mediterranean countries that could fit into new market-based mechanisms.

The authors find that there are three challenges facing middle-income countries – not specific to Southern Mediterranean countries – in relation to capturing the carbon market opportunities created by the European Union (EU) on the horizon: the limited size of future demand for carbon offsets or credits, quantitative and qualitative restrictions on the use of certified emission reductions (CERs) in the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) Phase I.

Noriko Fujiwara is Research Fellow at CEPS, where she heads the Climate Change research unit. Monica Alessi is Research Fellow at CEPS and Anton Georgiev is an Associate Researcher at CEPS.

Published in: Carbon and Climate Law Review – Issue: 4/2012 – pp. 317-328