23 Jun 2006

Between Suicide Bombings and Burning Banlieues

The Multiple Crises of Europe's Parallel Societies

Rob De Wijk / Samir Amghar / Amel Boubekeur

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ESF Working Paper No. 18 / 21 pages

In addition to the regular “Chairman’s summing-up” by ESF Chairman François Heisbourg, this number in the ESF Working Paper series includes a contribution on “The Role of Islam in Europe: Multiple Crises?” by Amel Boubekeur (CEPS) and Samir Amghar (EHESS, Paris); one entitled “The Multiple Crisis in Dutch Parallel Societies” by Rob de Wijk (Clingendael Institute, The Hague); and “Islam in Russia in 2020, by Alexey Malashenko (Carnegie Centre, Moscow).