18 Dec 2007

Asthma in the EU: Towards Better Management and Regulation of a Public Health Issue

Andrea Renda / Jørgen Mortensen

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Asthma is a common life-long chronic inflammatory disorder of the airways that affects children and adults of all ages and whose prevalence is rising in a number of the most-developed countries. It is widely recognised that there is an increasing need for EU member states to consider the scope for a common integrated approach to the asthma problem. This report, carried out by CEPS for Asthma Allergy Inflammation Research (AAIR), critically presents proposals on how the EU’s current activities could be streamlined and improved so as to better complement and support member states’ activities on asthma. The report identifies gaps and inconsistencies in EU policy-making and argues for more concerted efforts in order to improve the situation of patients across the EU.