31 Oct 2014

Assessment of Cumulative Cost Impact for the Aluminium Industry

Andrea Renda / Felice Simonelli / Christian Egenhofer / Jacques Pelkmans / Roberto Zavatta / Enrico Giannotti / Julian Wieczorkiewicz / Jacopo Timini / Jonas Teusch / Wijnand Stoefs / Federico Infelise / Lorenzo Colantoni / Federica Mustilli / Diego Valiante / Fabio Genoese / Giacomo Luchetta / Lorna Schrefler / Andrei Marcu / Giulia Maria Stecchi

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This study contains an assessment of the cumulative costs of EU legislation on the European aluminium industry, as well as an evaluation of how these costs affect the competitiveness of this industry from an international standpoint. Cumulative costs are compared to production costs and current margins of the European primary aluminium industry, as well as to the production costs of international primary aluminium producers. The analysis draws on a sample of 11 primary aluminium plants, representing 60% of the total EU27 primary aluminium production in 2012.

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