21 Oct 2022

Assessing the EU’s military assistance to Ukraine

Too little but not too late to do better

Steven Blockmans / Leonardo De Agostini

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Eight months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the US has spent almost three times as much in ‘lethal aid’ to the Ukrainian armed forces than the EU institutions and Member States combined. Beyond the headline figures presented in well-known indices, data are hard to come by in a disaggregated manner.

This lack of transparency is problematic both from a public accountability perspective as well as from efforts to ensure greater complementarity in Member States’ support for the needs identified by Ukraine.

Therefore, integrating publicly available sources into a more refined dataset of the weapons systems and military-related support promised by Member States to Ukraine is of utmost importance. This CEPS Policy Brief aims to complement the existing narrative regarding the lagging military aid concretely delivered by the EU Member States in comparison to the aid sent by the US and the UK, and to offer possible solutions on where – and how – the EU can plug the shortfalls.

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