18 May 2011

Approaches to EU Blending Mechanisms for Development Finance

Jorge Núñez Ferrer / Arno Behrens

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The European Union is strongly committed to fulfilling the Aid Effectiveness goals of the Paris Declaration and the Accra Agenda for Action, as well as the European Code of Conduct on Division of Labour in Development Policy. Towards this end, the European Commission, with the participation of many EU member states and European development financiers, has launched new financing instruments aimed at translating these commitments into real action. These instruments are grant and loan blending facilities, which link EU budget grants, member state grants and loans by international, regional and European bilateral financial institutions. This study reviews their performance and presents proposals to improve their operations.
Jorge Núñez Ferrer is an Associate Research Fellow at CEPS and Arno Behrens is a Research Fellow at CEPS. This study was carried out with the support of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).