20 Jun 2008

Achieving the Internal Market for e-communications

Andrea Renda

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Over the past two years, the debate on the review of the EU regulatory framework for electronic communications has become hectic. After the European Commission adopted its proposed set of measures in November 2007, the European Parliament has shown an unprecedented interest in topics such as spectrum policy, functional separation of the incumbents’ networks, the creation of a new European authority on telecoms, etc. After the successful experience of the first CEPS Task Force on “Policy Challenges for the Information Superhighway”, which ended in June 2006, a new Task Force on “Achieving the Internal Market for e-communications” was launched by CEPS with the explicit aim to provide expertise to Members of the European Parliament in their reading of the proposed review. The Task Force was chaired by Magnus Lemmel, former Acting Director General at DG Enterprise, European Commission, and currently Senior Advisor at KREAB. This report summarises the results of the opinions that were expressed over five meetings, the last two of which took place inside the European Parliament. This highly influential report was drafted by Andrea Renda, Senior Research Fellow at CEPS.