20 Dec 2013

The 2014 European Elections in Poland: Are we in for another uninspiring campaign?

Melchior Szczepanik

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In previous European elections, Polish political parties were not able to draw a large number of voters to the polling stations. Poland stood out in the European Union mainly by its extremely low turnout. In light of the current situation in the Polish political scene, this EPIN Commentary predicts that the chances are that the 2014 electoral campaign will also be lacklustre, focused on domestic issues, resulting yet again in a disappointing turnout.

Melchior Szczepanik is an expert at the Institute of Public Affairs in Warsaw and Secretary of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate of Poland. This paper is the third in a special series of Commentaries by EPIN researchers aimed at examining the European elections from an EU perspective and considering the outlook for the elections in various member states.