16 Jan 2019

CEPS Ideas Lab 2019

Europe's Choice


The CEPS Ideas Lab is an innovative platform of exchange and co-creation that brings together think tanks from across Europe, representatives of national governments, businesses, NGOs and European institutions in Brussels to debate key policy issues for Europe.

The theme of this year’s Ideas Lab is ‘Europe’s Choice’. In our view, this theme has many aspects. It implies a Europe of shared values and a Europe that is based on institutions that allow member states to enhance their own sovereignty by sharing it with others. These values and the institutions underpinning them are threatened by a rising populism, which does not accept the values and the checks and balances embodied in the European institutions and treaties. Many politicians are seeking to achieve short term political gains, putting at risk what has been painstakingly constructed over generations. This choice will play out both in the elections to the European Parliament and in the Leaders Agenda for the EU summit in Sibiu, 9 May 2019.

Ahead of Ideas Lab, CEPS has assessed the Juncker Commission and recommends actions for its successor in: What Comes After the Last Chance Commission: Policy Priorities for 2019-2014.

Explore the programme and more on our dedicated Ideas Lab site.