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The European Green Deal after Corona Implications for EU climate policy

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European Elections 2019

Steven Blockmans, Sophia Russack, Karel Lannoo, Daniel Gros 




Budget and Regional Policy

Cinzia AlcidiJorge Núñez FerrerRoberto Musmeci, Mattia di Salvo




Energy, Climate Change and Circular Economy



Steven Blockmans,  Sophia Russack


Financial Markets and Institutions



Daniel Gros, Cinzia Alcidi


Migration, Asylum and Rights

Sergio Carrera, Lina Vosyliute, Marco Stefan, Chun LukRoberto Cortinovis


Regulation, Governance and Innovation

Andrea Renda, Felice Simonelli 


Single Market and Trade


Social Europe and Education

Miroslav Beblavy, Mehtap Akgüç, Sara Baiocco 


Sustainable Development and Food Security

Jo Swinnen , Giulia Meloni