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Women and Trade: A promising interface for gender equality



Women and Trade: A promising interface for gender equality


To mark International Women’s Day, three high-level women trade experts will join CEPS for a discussion on the role of trade in promoting gender equality.

For the first time in the history of the multilateral trading system, in December 2017, members of the World Trade Organization (WTO), including the European Union, and observers collectively endorsed the Buenos Aires Joint Declaration on Trade and Women’s Economic Empowerment. This declaration aims to foster a more inclusive trade agenda that benefits all – in particular women. It also promotes the collection and assessment of gender-disaggregated data, supports the exchange of country experiences and good practices, and furthers international cooperation to raise the profile of the ‘women and trade’ agenda. As of September 2020, 127 WTO members and observers from all over the world have signed up to the Buenos Aires Declaration.

This Joint Declaration has created momentum. Remarkable initiatives have been taken at the European and international levels that show the importance of trade and trade policy for promoting gender equality.

Against this backdrop, our conversation with women trade leaders will be inspired by three recent publications: Women and Trade: The Role of Trade in Promoting Gender Equality, a joint report by the World Bank and the World Trade Organization, the UNCTAD’s Trade and Gender Toolbox, and the European Commission’s study with the International Trade Centre (ITC): From Europe to the World: Understanding challenges for European businesswomen.

To discuss an inclusive trade approach and perspectives for policymaking and future research, we are pleased to welcome:

  • Eva Monard, Partner, Jones Day
  • Roberta Piermartini, Chief of Trade Costs Analysis, WTO
  • Simonetta Zarrilli, Chief of the Trade, Gender and Development Programme, UNCTAD

As prominent figures in a male-dominated field, they will also share with us their experiences as trade leaders and offer insightful advice to all women interested in the topic of trade and leadership.

This event will be introduced by Karel Lannoo, CEO, CEPS, and moderated by Steven Blockmans, CEPS Director of Research, and Malorie Schaus, Researcher, CEPS

Steven Blockmans Steven Blockmans
Steven Blockmans

Director of Research

Speakers list
Karel Lannoo


Eva Monard

Partner, Jones Day

Roberta Piermartini

Chief of Trade Costs Analysis, WTO

Malorie Schaus (Moderator)
Simoneta Zarrilli

Chief of the Trade, Gender and Development Programme, UNCTAD