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Winds of change in EU and global tax harmonisation (members only)


Winds of change in EU and global tax harmonisation (members only)


The call by the US for a global minimum corporate tax will inevitably spark further discussion at EU level. A common corporate tax base and possible introduction of a minimum rate will draw the focus, both having important implications on the digital tax debate.

Under the Juncker Commission, progress was achieved in terms of better cooperation between administrations and fighting tax avoidance, but there is still work to be done regarding direct tax harmonisation matters.

Looking further afield, the advancement of the Green Deal will put green taxes into the spotlight, such as the carbon border and plastic taxes.

We will be joined by Gerassimos Thomas, Director General of DG Taxud at the European Commission, for a tour de table on the EU’s tax agenda.

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Karel Lannoo Karel Lannoo
Karel Lannoo

Chief Executive Officer

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Gerassimos Thomas

Director General of DG Taxud, European Commission