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Why member states need to measure trust in justice

Migration, asylum and borders

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Why member states need to measure trust in justice


The Euro-Justis project is grounded in ‘procedural justice theory’. It assumes that if the justice system treats people fairly and respectfully, this builds public trust and public commitment to the rule of law. The attraction of the procedural justice perspective is that it resolves the tension that is often thought to exist between effective crime control and the respecting of people’s rights. It shows that fair, respectful and legal behaviour on the part of justice officials is not only ethically desirable, but is an essential precondition for effective justice.

Co-financed by the European Union's FP7 Research programme, Euro-Justis has developed a standardised approach to measuring confidence in criminal justice and public feelings of security. The project has designed and tested a suite of survey questions which can be used by member states that want to measure trust in justice.

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