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What system of standards for vehicles and fuels in the future?

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What system of standards for vehicles and fuels in the future?


The CEPS Task Force on Transport and Climate Change has concluded that the EU Commission’s ambitious target to reduce CO2 emissions from transport by 60% by 2050 is possible but requires immediate action and a comprehensive policy strategy that needs to be both credible and adequate. The key element of this strategy is the steady tightening of efficiency and carbon standards for vehicles and fuels in line with the technological frontier. Such standards would need to be technology-neutral, predictable and progressive, also to provide assurance to manufacturers and their suppliers, technology providers and operators as to the speed and direction of emerging standards.

The objective of this workshop is therefore to review the current system of CO2 standards for vehicles and fuel quality standards and analyse potential improvements that could drive long-term decarbonisation of the transport sector. The workshop will take a broad perspective and will include discussions on well-to-wheel emissions, test procedure and cycle as well as the metric for efficiency standards.        

Chair: Arie Bleijenberg, TNO and Chairman of the CEPS Task Force 
Confirmed speakers:
Ian Hodgson, Policy Officer, European Commission – DG CLIMA
Ken Rose, Science Executive, CONCAWE
Jos Dings, Director, Transport & Environment
Peter Dolejsi, Director of Mobility & Sustainable Transport, ACE


Sandwich lunch & registration start at 13:00

Participation is free of charge for CEPS Members, EU & Government Officials, Academics & Students .  Non-members may be admitted to this workshop for €150 or for €250 in total for ywo Transport and Climate Change workshops.


Pathways to Low Carbon Transport in the EU – Arie Bleijenberg, TNO, Chairman of the CEPS Task Force
A better frame for regulating CO2 from vehicles and fuels – Jos Dings, Transport & Environment
EU policy framework for decarbonising road vehicles and fuels – Ian Hodgson, DG Climate Action, European Commission
Standards for Fuels – Kenneth D Rose, Science Executive, Fuels and Emissions, Concawe

Arie Bleijenberg
Arie Bleijenberg