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What hope now for any peace in the Middle East?

Foreign and security policy

Place du Congrès 1, Brussels, Belgium

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In-person event

What hope now for any peace in the Middle East?


In-person event

With over a hundred deaths and countless casualties so far this year, mostly on the Palestinian side, the conflict in the Middle East is once again approaching boiling point. Israel’s far right government shows no interest in peace; illegal Israeli settlements continue to expand; and among Palestinians, desperation is growing apace.

At the same time, the international community seems at a loss to intervene, other than paying lip service to the two-state solution, something that is at best dormant, if not dead. Seventy five years on from the creation of the state of Israel and what Palestinians refer to as the Nakba (the catastrophe), the prospects for a political solution are further away than ever.

That said, what are the chances that a full blown ‘third intifada’ could come to pass in the near future? Is there any realistic hope of a change of course from the sixth Netanyahu government? What would that take? Can the Palestinians overcome their internal divisions? And what can and should external forces, notably the US and the EU, do to avoid yet another round of violence and destruction?

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James Moran James Moran
James Moran

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Speakers list
H.E. Ambassador Husam Zomlot

Head of the Palestinian Mission to the UK

Evin Incir

MEP, European Parliament

Vladimir Janecek

Deputy Head of the EEAS, Middle East division