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Smart Grid Innovation and Climate Policy

Place du Congres 1 - B-1000 Brussels

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Smart Grid Innovation and Climate Policy



We invite you to participate in a virtual discussion with Dr Sgouris Sgouridis, Associate Professor of Engineering Systems and Management at the Masdar Institute, Khalifa University, Juan Marco, Senior Technical Advisor at the European Distribution System Operators (EDSO) Association for Smart Grids and Bertrand Deprez, VP for EU Government Affairs at Schneider Electric at a webinar devoted to Smart Grid Innovation and Climate Policy.? This online event, hosted by CEPS, will take place on Thursday, 21 June 2018 at 10:30.

Since the COP21 agreement reached in Paris in December 2015, innovation has been regarded as an accelerating factor complementing renewables integration. This webinar will focus on the prospects for diffusing low-carbon technology throughout energy systems and will address the various regulatory and policy challenges posed by this diffusion.

Speakers list
Dr. Sgouris Sgouridis

Associate Professor of Engineering Systems & Management, Masdar Institute

Juan Marco

Senior Technical Advisor, EDSO for Smart Grids

Bernard Deprez

Vice President Government Affairs, Schneider Electric