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Euro Reforms

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Euro Reforms

Virtual Ebook Launch


Together with ESMT Berlin and the German Council of Economic Experts, CEPS is holding a virtual book launch on its soon to be released ebook “Towards a More Resilient Euro Area: Ideas from the ‘Future Europe’ forum”.

The ebook contains 11 essays by renowned economists on key reform proposals – such as common
unemployment insurance, EDIS, European Monetary Fund and a euro finance minister – and attributable
discussion notes from more than two dozen scholars and thinkers.

The ebook will be available for download on Monday, June 18, 2018 at 8 a.m. CET via this link: https://www.ceps.eu/publications/towards-more-resilient-euro-area

To participate:
– Register by email: press@esmt.org

To enter the virtual meeting on Zoom:
– Please click on https://zoom.us/j/102479923, OR use the Meeting-ID 102479923 in your Zoom app.

To join via phone only:
– Please dial +32 2 588 4188 or for further dial-in numbers check https://zoom.us/u/cZHtipfl3.

Contact person in CEPS: Hugh Barton-Smith email: hugh.barton-smith@ceps.eu

Daniel Gros Daniel Gros
Daniel Gros

Distinguished Fellow

Speakers list
Jochen Andritzky

Visiting Fellow, Bruegel

Roel Beetsma

Member of the EFB, University of Amsterdam

Jörg Rocholl

President, ESMT Berlin

Isabel Schnabel

Member of GCEE , University Bonn

Jeromin Zettelmeyer

Senior Fellow, PIIE