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US vs. European Broadband Deployment

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US vs. European Broadband Deployment


This lunchtime seminar – cosponsored by CEPS and the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Technology, Innovation and Competition – is an opportunity to discuss the findings of the recent paper on “U.S. vs. European Broadband Deployment”, by Professor Christopher Yoo, see: https:// www.law.upenn.edu/live/files/3352-us-vs-european-broadband-deployment

The seminar will comprise a presentation from Christopher Yoo, followed by a response from Anna Krzy?anowska and discussion. Christopher Yoo is John H. Chestnut Professor of Law, Communication, and Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania and Founding Director of the Center for Technology, Innovation and Competition.

Andrea Renda Andrea Renda
Andrea Renda

Senior Research Fellow and Head of Global Governance, Regulation, Innovation & Digital Economy

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Christopher Yoo

University of Pennsylvania