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Exploring Ukraine’s long-term energy security on the path towards decarbonisation


Exploring Ukraine’s long-term energy security on the path towards decarbonisation


For a long time, energy security in Ukraine and Central and Southeast Europe by and large referred to security of gas supplies, particularly regarding dependence, interconnections and gas transit. In light of Ukraine’s recent commitments to carbon neutrality, implications of the European Green Deal, as well as global trends towards a steady fossil-fuel phase out, there is a need to reassess the conventional concept of energy security in the region.

The webinar will address the question on how the European Green Deal and the global effort to combat climate change is changing the context of energy security, not at least of natural gas. A new climate policy narrative potentially brings new forms of cooperation for Ukraine’s energy sector focusing on decarbonisation, innovation and economic growth. It could offer Ukraine and the wider region the opportunity to develop other energy sectors, for example, developing green hydrogen and renewables supply chains.


This session will be run in Zoom, you must register in advance to gain access to the meeting and the details to join will be sent one hour prior of the event.

Irina Kustova Irina Kustova
Irina Kustova

Research Fellow

Speakers list
Christian Egenhofer

CEPS Energy Climate House, Brussels and School of Transnational Gov-ernance, European University Institute, Florence

Kirsten Westphal

Senior Associate, The German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP)

Matteo Governatori

Administrator, International Relations Officer, DG Energy, European Commission

Luidmila Buimister

Member of the Parliament of Ukraine (Verkhovna Rada)

Edward Chow

Senior Associate, Energy Security and Climate Change Program, Centre for Strategic and International Studies

Luis Janeiro

Senior Programme Officer, Programme Officer Renewable energy and roadmaps, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)