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The Strategic Implications of the EU’s INDC

Energy, climate change and the environment

CEPS Conference Room
Place du Congrès 1 - 1000 Brussels
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The Strategic Implications of the EU’s INDC

During the morning of this fourth event of the EU Think Tank Platform for Paris 2015, we will present two new papers released under the TT2015 banner.

Presentations by:

Thomas Spencer, IDDRI

Presentation of paper on "The strategic implications of the EU’s INDC’"

In this paper, the TT2015 members provide a comprehensive assessment of the EU’s INDC (intended nationally determined contribution) and its strategic implications for the Paris negotiations. The paper includes separate sections on the INDC’s form and content; the role of carbon markets; its role in long-term transformation; climate risk and adaptation; finance; review and update cycles and, finally, transparency of implementation.

Andrei Marcu, CEPS

Presentation of paper on ‘What’s in it for the EU’

This paper represents the joint vision of TT2015 members of why the COP21 in Paris is important to the EU. It reviews the wider context of the negotiations, looking not only at the geopolitical shifts that have taken place on the road to Paris, but also at the interests of the EU both as far as its domestic climate policy is concerned, as well as its role as a diplomatic ‘soft power’.

Following these presentations, we will ask Jacob Werksman from DG CLIMA, and Daniele Agostini from ENEL for comments.

Speakers list
Andrei Marcu

Deputy Director,

Thomas Spencer

Programme Director Climate,