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The Recovery Fund and the Stability Pact:

Economic and monetary affairs


The Recovery Fund and the Stability Pact:

Making Room for Investment?


EU leaders will meet on July 17 to discuss an economic recovery package and the EU’s next seven-year budget. Talks are expected to lead to an agreement on the €750 billion recovery plan put forward by the European Commission. In early July, the European Fiscal Board called for more public investment in member states suggesting that the EU’s proposed recovery fund will not be enough to lift Europe’s growth potential, but also to eliminate unrealistic debt thresholds.


Paolo Gentiloni, Commissioner for the Economy, and Niels Thygesen, Chairman of the European Fiscal Board, will discuss the outcome of the European Council as well as the role of public investment and their treatment in the EU fiscal framework.

Cinzia Alcidi, CEPS Senior Fellow (Opening Statement)

Daniel Gros, CEPS Director (Moderation)

Daniel Gros Daniel Gros
Daniel Gros

Distinguished Fellow

Speakers list
Paolo Gentiloni

Commissioner for the Economy

Niels Thygesen

Chairman of the European Fiscal Board

Cinzia Alcidi

CEPS Senior Fellow