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The Link between Academic Knowledge and EU Policy-Making in the Field of Migration

Migration, asylum and borders

CEPS Conference room
Place du Congrès 1 - 1000 Brussels

Participation in this event is free of charge. A light lunch will be served after the roundtable.

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The Link between Academic Knowledge and EU Policy-Making in the Field of Migration



"This event is part of a training programme organised by CEPS in the context of the TRANSMIC project, which is coordinated by Maastricht University and funded by the European Commission’s Marie Curie actions. It aims to contribute to the understanding of transnational migration, in particular by looking at the conditions for and effects of transnational migration, possibilities for the mobility of migrants’ rights to be enhanced, and the links between migration, citizenship, and migration and development.

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The central objective of this Opening Roundtable is to explore the links between academic research and public policy-making in the field of EU migration and citizenship policies. If researchers aim at engaging with policy discussions and concepts, ensuring the policy relevance of academic research will pose a series of conceptual, methodological and ethical dilemmas which call for closer reflection and critical assessment. The following questions will be particularly explored in this Opening Roundtable:

  • Should scholarly research on migration and citizenship be policy relevant or irrelevant?
  • What are the issues and dilemmas characterising the nexus between academic research and policy?
  • How to make academic knowledge accessible and attractive to a policy audience, and how to formulate research results in a policy format?
  • How to understand evidence-based policy making?

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Sergio Carrera Sergio Carrera
Sergio Carrera

Senior Research Fellow and Head of Justice and Home Affairs unit

Speakers list
Ramon Flecha

Professor, University of Barcelona, Founded CREA

Rinus Penninx

Professor, University of Amsterdam

Jean-Pierre Cassarino

Professor, European University Institute

Gianni d'Amato

Professor, University of Neuchâtel