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The Iran Nuclear Deal: Negotiating for Future Success.

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The Iran Nuclear Deal: Negotiating for Future Success.


Efforts to restore the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action have followed a tortuous path. Although a new Iran nuclear deal is close to the finish line, negotiations have been stalled first by the Kremlin and now Tehran suggesting some form of sanctions relief from the United States. European consensus has consistently been that Middle East stability is impossible without diplomacy and Iranian buy-in. What can be said about Iran’s current stance? What has changed since 2015 to ensure future success of the nuclear deal? And what can the EU do to support negotiations and the agreement’s eventual restoration and implementation?

Steven Blockmans Steven Blockmans
Steven Blockmans

Director of Research

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Marie-Noelle Loewe

Chief Operating Office, INSTEX

Majid Golpour

Sociologist, Université Libre de Bruxelles