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The EU’s foreign policy and commitment to gender, peace and security

Foreign affairs and security policy

CEPS Conference room
Place du Congrès 1 - 1000 Brussels

Participation in this event is exceptionally free of charge.

Project Meeting

The EU’s foreign policy and commitment to gender, peace and security


EU-CIVCAP Peacebuilding Forum

This roundtable, the last Peacebuilding Forum under the H20202 EU-CIVCAP project, will critically assess EU commitments to equality and to the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda in EU conflict prevention policy.  Based on an in-depth report produced under EU-CIVCAP that presents a feminist analysis of EU foreign policy, Dr. Davis will examine the dominant assumptions underpinning EU conflict prevention and highlight shortfalls with the EU’s understanding of gender (e.g., its reduction to ‘women and girls’) and the limitations of integrating gender equality into the design of conflict prevention policies. The roundtable will seek to draw out the implications of this analysis for policymaking and academic research and is primarily aimed at policy-makers, researchers and practitioners.

Registration and coffee from 16.30 – Meeting from 17.00 to 18.30

Speakers list
Dr. Laura Davis

Senior Associate, Gender Peace and Security, European Peacebuilding Liaison Office (EPLO)

Jacqueline Hale

Head of Advocacy, Save the Children EU office