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The EU’s Comprehensive Approach to Security: A practitioner’s guide

Foreign affairs and security policy

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The EU’s Comprehensive Approach to Security: A practitioner’s guide

Security is no longer perceived as just the absence of war. It now also includes such elements as development, freedom and justice, all of which form a comprehensive concept of security. 
In the ongoing European Global Strategy discourse, the comprehensive approach is now increasingly seen as a method rather than an overall policy framework to link internal and external security in areas like migration and counter-terrorism. 
Yet, the EU continues to face difficulties in deploying its forces in the field due to the security situation and in making these important interlinkages. In his new book (The EU and Security – A Handbook for Practitioners (2015)), Lars-Erik Lundin bridges the vital gap between theory and practice. He presents a comprehensive set of security issues facing Europe in the era of globalisation and provides inspiration and recommendations for all those focusing on the added value of the EU as a security provider.
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Steven Blockmans

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Lars-Erik Lundin

Distinguished Associate Fellow, Sipri