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The European Economy: On the road towards cohesion

CEPS Conference Room
1, Place du Congrès 1000 Brussels
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The European Economy: On the road towards cohesion


Launch of the 2014 Report of the European Economic Advisory Group.

While it is true that the world economy showed strong signs of recovery in 2013, with the United States providing solid sup¬port and the Eurozone performing better than in 2012, the situation nevertheless remains fragile. Mass unemployment in several euro area countries is keeping social tensions at a high level, while internal and external rebalancing continues in the periphery. The sovereign debt crisis may have eased in 2013, but it certainly was not re¬solved; and debt levels increased further. This year’s EEAG report emphasises that supporting cohesion between member states, as well as maintain¬ing fiscal and regulatory discipline, is crucial for Europe. A special chapter focuses on the lessons that Europe can learn from the Swiss experience in maintaining cohesion while supporting diversity, and in reaching pragmatic compromises in the creation of common institutions and policies. Further chapters examine the effects of austerity and the plans and measures to implement a banking union in Europe.

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