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The Economic Crisis and the Re-polarization of Global Economic Arena

CEPS Conference Room
1, Place du Congrès
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The Economic Crisis and the Re-polarization of Global Economic Arena


The severity of the current economic and financial crisis makes it appropriate to ask in what direction the balance of the global economic arena will be heading. The tri-polar world that emerged at the end of the 1980 comprising the US, EU and Japan is challenged. New contestants to this economic power structure have appeared with implications for the potential formation of a new economic configuration.

Will the old poles fade away and be re-placed by China and India? Will we see a power structure consisting of a super power, a bi-polar, three-polar or a multipolar world? Will the US keep its position as a super power despite the fiscal cliff and other economic problems it is currently facing? What will happen to the EU as a global power considering all regional economic problems? Will the momentum of China continue allowing it to advance its position on the global economic arena? What role will Africa play as a strategic platform for the contestants in the re-polarization process? What does the trade policy challenges mean to the emergence of a new economic order? What lessons can be learnt from the long-term innovation waves for the outcome of the process?

At the conference you will meet some of the researchers that have contributed to the recently published book EU-Asia and the re-polarization of the global economic arena (World Scientific Publishing, 2012) and have the opportunity to discuss their perspective on the economic configuration the decades to come.

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