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Task Force Meeting

Gig Workers

Task Force on the Collaborative Economy in the EU - via ZOOM


They drive ride-sharing vehicles. They deliver meals to homes. They rent out rooms in their homes. Some are professionals. Some are private citizens. Often, they fall in between. The Collaborative Economy has created new jobs and flexible opportunities for workers. Many who were previously excluded from the labour force have suddenly found an opportunity to work.

At the same time, the Collaborative Economy has disrupted traditional employment, and often takes workers into a grey area of employment law. What is the proper legal status for platform workers? How should their social security be covered? Courts in Europe are being asked to decide and are arriving at different judgments.

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, these questions are more pressing than ever, some of the flexible part-timers are suddenly finding themselves without work, while others like delivery people, are now on the front lines of the crisis. Platforms are lobbying for the flexible part-timers to qualify for unemployment or other types of relief.

In this fourth session of the Collaborative Economy Task Force, we will hear from representatives from unions, the European Commission, Uber and the French author of the country’s new social charter for platform workers.

The event will be hosted via Zoom. Please register on this page to participate. The link will be shared with you closer to the event.

CEPS acknowledges support from Airbnb, Badi, FREE NOW, Uber and, Zurich Insurance for this Task Force. It is conducted in complete independence. The authors take full responsibility for their findings

William Echikson William Echikson
William Echikson

Speakers list
Max Uebe

Head of Unit, DG Employment, European Commission

Charles de Froment

CEO Pergamon - Stuart’s Advisor

Jean Baptiste Chavialle

Director Legal Employment, Uber

Michael Freytag

European Public Affairs Manager, World Employers Confederation

Oliver Roethig

Regional Secretary, UNI Europa