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Tackling Inequality

Economic and monetary affairs

CEPS Conference Room
Place du Congrès 1 - 1000 Brussels

Participation in this event is exceptionally free of charge. A sandwich lunch will be served from 12.30 onwards.


Tackling Inequality

The role of fiscal policy


Rising inequality and slow economic growth in many countries have focused attention on policies to support inclusive growth. While some inequality is inevitable in a market-based economic system, excessive inequality can erode social cohesion, lead to political polarization, and ultimately lower economic growth.

Based on recent work at the IMF, Mercedes García-Escribano, deputy chief of the IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department, will discuss how, according to the 2017 October Fiscal Monitor, fiscal policies can help achieve redistributive objectives. She will focus on three salient policy debates: tax rates at the top of the income distribution, the introduction of a universal basic income and the role of public spending in the fields of education and health.

Participants can learn more about the ins and outs of universal basic income in an Intereconomics issue published earlier this year.
Mikkel Barslund Mikkel Barslund
Mikkel Barslund

Speakers list
Mercedes García-Escribano

Deputy Chief of the Expenditure Policy Division in the IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department