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Stalemate in Libya: what more should be done to support a political solution?

Place du Congrès, Brussels, Belgium

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Lunch Time Meeting

Stalemate in Libya: what more should be done to support a political solution?


Libya remains a country of considerable interest and concern for the EU and its member states. The interests, apart from oil, include the stability of the country as a bulwark against illegal migration and jihadist forces operating on its southern border and ISIS remnants within the country, who remain a danger. The concerns include the ongoing conflict between the internationally recognised Government of National Accord (GNA), currently under siege in Tripoli by the ‘Libyan National Army’ led by Khalifa Haftar who has de facto support from the House of representatives (HOR) based in the East of the country. While all pay lip service to the UN-led peace and reconciliation efforts, EU member states (and NATO) are divided in their approach on the ground. Italy is keen to prevent any illegal migration and works with the GNA to that end. France has troops across the border in the Sahel and maintains contacts with both sides. The Arab world is also divided, with some backing the ‘strongman’ stance of Haftar, others the GNA. The US has largely  taken a back seat, though Donald Trump has expressed his sympathy for Haftar. The focus of the panel discussion will be on the current situation in Libya, the views of the EU and its member states, and what more could and should be done to support a political solution and the building of a civil state in the country.

Moderator: Amb. James Moran, Associate Senior Research Fellow, CEPS

With the support of ICRD.


Registration and sandwich lunch from 12.30 – Meeting from 13.15 to 14.30


Steven Blockmans Steven Blockmans
Steven Blockmans

Director of Research

Speakers list
Amb. James Moran

former EU Ambassador to Libya and Associate Senior Research Fellow, CEPS

Taher EL-Sonni

Senior Political Advisor to the President of the Presidency Council, Government of National Accord, Libya

Colin Scicluna

Director, Mahgreb, European External Action Service

Nicolas Suran

French Ambassador to the Political and Security Committee

Benedetta Berti

Head of Policy Planning, NATO

Sameh Habeeb

Director of the International Centre for Relations and Diplomacy (ICRD), London