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SOURCE Conference

CEPS Conference room
Place du Congrès 1 - 1000 Brussels

SOURCE Conference

Responding to societal needs through security policy


This international Conference will be an unique opportunity to present the main outcomes and findings of the SOURCE Network and its ways forward.

The event will offer wide-ranging debates on how best to respond to societal security needs through security policy. It will structured by multi-stakeholder panel discussions confronting scientific insights with policy realities surrounding 4 thematic areas:

•Managing the freedom-technology-surveillance paradox
•Integrating the heterodox political groups into security policy
•Governing the Internet of Things
•Assuring ethical conduct when countering violent extremism.

Commissioner Julian King will be providing a Keynote Speech in this meeting on ‘Implementing the Security Union: Priority Areas & Future Challenges‘. The Conference also features the participation of Eva Joly (European Parliament) and Erroll Southers (University of Southern California).

The Conference will conclude with a Roundtable discussion on ‘The Societal Challenges of Asylum and Migration in the 21st Century, where the Films awarded during the SOURCE Film Competition ‘ESCAPE FROM SYRIA: RANIA’S ODYSSEY‘ (by Anders Hammer & Rania Ali) and ‘KOROPA‘ (by Laura Henno) will be screened and will receive their awards.

Travel support is available for a limited number of PhD students