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Smart Materials – Sustainable Future

Energy, climate change and the environment

Silken Berlaymont Hotel
Boulevard Charlemagne 11 - 1000 Brussels
CEPS Event

Smart Materials – Sustainable Future


Meeting the EU2020 goals on green-house gas emission reductions, while promoting economic recovery and growth, is one of the biggest challenges facing the EU today. Answers are found not only in the choice of energy sources but also in the development of more energy efficient technologies. In both cases smart materials are likely to play an extremely important role, enhancing the performance and durability of renewable energy installations and significantly reducing the energy consumption of buildings, appliances and vehicles.

Under the umbrella of the Sustainable Energy Week, this event intervenes at a crucial time when the EU is agreeing on its new Energy Efficiency Directive followed by initiatives such as the review of the Eco-design Directive and an anticipated Communication on Sustainable Construction. The debate will take a holistic view on the contribution of smart materials as building blocks to a competitive and sustainable Europe. Participation in this meeting is free of charge. Registration will start at 9.00 and the event will be followed by a networking brunch.

Staffan Jerneck
Staffan Jerneck

Senior Advisor