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Second Workshop – Big Data and B2B platforms The next big opportunity for Europe

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Second Workshop – Big Data and B2B platforms The next big opportunity for Europe


The Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) and the European Commission are conducting the study “Big Data and B2B platforms: the next big opportunity for Europe” whose objective is to analyse how to accelerate the growth of the data-based economy and to support the development of B2B platforms in Europe focusing on two sectors: automotive and healthcare.

Under this study two Pilots will be developed, one for each sector being analysed. Four workshops for each pilot are planned during the execution of the study.

The morning session of this second workshop will be dedicated to the pilot on Fair and equal data sharing for cooperative, connected and automated mobility. This part will look more closely into the explanation of the Shared Server architecture and of the bottlenecks for its implementation, the proposed services and their data, the privacy protection, and the demonstration of the Azure platform components that will be used during the implementation phase.

The afternoon session will deal with the pilot on High-quality, diabetes-related data repository by using the latest technologies and big data breakthroughs. During the afternoon session, the steps taken to achieve a data structure and a demo of the data infrastructure (selected databases, data integration and demo of research queries) will be presented and discussed. Furthermore, participants will interact in group discussions trying to establish agreement on specific ordering of ontologies, vocabulary and identifying potential bottlenecks related to the case studies.

We kindly inform the interested participants that the workshop is designed for an audience of around 30 participants so to facilitate the exchange of information in view of meeting the workshops’ objectives. The organisers thus reserve the right to select a limited number of applicants according to the need to keep a balanced mix of expert profiles. Priority will be given to the experts who participated to the first workshop so to maintain continuity between the workshops.

Felice Simonelli Felice Simonelli
Felice Simonelli

Associate Senior Research Fellow